3 Oct

Controlling Insecurity – First Steps Toward Better Performance

Controlling Insecurity - First Steps Toward Better PerformanceIn adolescence, one may learn to feel insecure in academics or in social relationships on account of peer pressure, embarrassing revelations (or threats of revelations), or adult censure. Teenagers may feel insecure in relationships after a traumatic rejection or series of minor rejections. Adults too can feel insecure giving a public presentation or performing any task for which they feel inadequate Continue reading

23 Sep

More Than a Game

More Than a GameA game of bingo served as the grand finale for this month’s meeting with the clients who have severe mental disablities. Thirty faces focused on the numbered panels, as they heard a rattling noise from the spinning drum.

“O. K. Clear your boards!” announced Renee. Joyce and Renee have worked together as Case Managers for the past ten years.

The thirty members of the group tilted their boards Continue reading

15 Sep

Self Worth – 5 Steps To Respecting Yourself

Self Worth - 5 Steps To Respecting YourselfAll too often we spend our lives trying to live up to the expectations of others while denying ourselves our own sense of self worth. Surely this is wrong? Were we really put on this planet to be puppets controlled by others or should we be living a life that’s happy and fulfilling?

By living the kind of life that suits us we’re actually doing more for others than if we live our lives on their Continue reading

6 Sep

Goodness and Kindness

Goodness and KindnessSome of the most insignificant incidents in life teach us the most valuable lessons. Surprisingly those applicable chapters can be drawn from moments you have never intended to be taught. It could be pleasure trips, a holiday somewhere away from home, a visit to a place you had long wanted to see as much as meeting a stranger, who in a matter of hours can show you real kindness – the kind you have Continue reading

4 Sep

It’s Never Too Early or Too Late to Change

It's Never Too Early or Too Late to ChangeIt’s never too early or too late to change, and I honestly believe this. I watched my 90 year old grandmother learn how to use email and Skype so she could contact all her friends and family scattered around the world. Sure she was a little afraid at first, thinking she would do something wrong and mess up the computer, but after a while we could hear her tapping away at the keyboard, Continue reading

3 Sep

Learn How to Talk in the Universe and Have Universal Influence!

Learn How to Talk in the Universe and Have Universal Influence!In the totality of physical entities, you can have influence present or significant through the system that drives the progress of humanity. Make yourself a master of how to talk the right way and have power exerted over the minds or behavior of others. You can be on top of things. Please, read on!

Do not make illegal, improper or harmful use of anything especially things you cherish. Continue reading

1 Sep

Take Action – No More Excuses

Take Action - No More ExcusesMany of us go through life with a “woe is me” mentality. We complain and gripe about the cards life has dealt us. We love wallowing around in a bed of self-pity, hoping that some magic potion will make all of our problems go away.

Many of us think, “If I just had an extra ___ dollars, then my life would be okay.” All of that is a bunch of malarkey. More money only means bigger issues. The key to advancing Continue reading

29 Aug

3 Steps For Handling Disappointment Or Adversity

3 Steps For Handling Disappointment Or AdversityUnfortunately, the unemployment rate continues to increase on a monthly basis this year. Other economic signs are beginning to show some small improvement which helps remind us that eventually companies will begin hiring again. In the meantime, life continues to be a struggle for many people.

You might be facing other common disappointments or adversities. In the work place, the bid you put in for a project Continue reading